5 things to consider before investing

Key takeaways One of the main things to consider before investing is having a plan – consider your investment goals including when and how you want to achieve them Identify the timeframe you’re giving yourself to build your financial goals and how much risk you’re prepared to take on  There are many ways you can … Read more

Investing for a house deposit

The surge in house prices around Australia over the last two years has done little to quell the notion that getting on the property ladder is an increasingly difficult feat, particularly for younger investors. While higher interest rates expected this year may lead to less demand and a fall in house prices, property buyers are … Read more

Scams to beware (and be aware) of

There is a saying ‘a fool and his money are often parted’ but with scammers becoming ever more devious and sophisticated in their methods, it pays for everyone to be aware of the latest tricks being employed. According to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) data, last year was the worst year on record for … Read more