Back in business: How you can make the most of 2022

Pent-up consumer demand promises a strong economic return, which bodes well for small businesses hoping for a return to normalcy in 2022. But that doesn’t mean business as usual will see you succeed – use these tactics to give your business a lead over the competition. Tactic 1: Take. A. Break. The pandemic has made … Read more

Managing Complex Property Transactions

For most people, selling one property is stressful enough. Imagine how tricky it is to manage the sale of two properties and refinance two additional properties, all while buying your dream home. This is exactly the situation an MFAA accredited finance broker handled for her clients Greg and Shannon – a couple in their mid-30s. … Read more

Using comparison websites

When you’re comparing things like insurance, credit cards and home loans, comparison websites can be helpful. But they have limitations and may not cover all your options. What to keep in mind They make money Comparison websites are businesses. They make money in different ways, for example: from sponsored links by showing sponsored links before … Read more